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Prime (1st) doses administered: 1660 (1700 received – 40 remaining)

Boost (2nd) doses administered: 1320 (1400 received plus another 100 allocated 4/26)


Johnson & Johnson:

200 doses allocated on 3/31 to use at Bobalee, Inc. and for special or at-risk populations

30 doses used at Bobalee on April 9th


170 remaining



April 28th – 50 2nd doses at Positech and BrandFX

May 7th - 110 2nd doses at Bobalee, Jack Links, Laurens City Hall and office from 2-4pm

May 14th - 100 2nd doses from 4/16 10am – noon in the Assembly Room

May 21st – 60 2nd doses from 4/23 2 – 3pm in the Assembly Room


This will be my final vaccine update by email distribution as we are definitely seeing a slowdown in people wanting the COVID-19 vaccine. We are continuing to wrap up our second dose clinics. If anything major changes in regards to this pandemic, I will resume my email updates. On April 21st, we declined the 100 dose allocation for the Moderna vaccine and did the same again today. We have 40 doses left in refrigeration and will schedule in groups of 10 at our office for any individual that is 18 years of age and older. The Moderna vaccine is a 10-dose vial that must be used within six hours after its punctured. If we need more vaccine, we will be using up vials from surrounding counties that still have several vials left.


Late on April 23th, the pause in using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was lifted. We have approximately six people left that have been waiting for the J&J vaccine during the pause that we will be scheduling appointments for in our office.


I’m pleased with how smooth our vaccination clinics have gone and we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback throughout the county. My hardworking staff, our hardworking Pocahontas County Home Care Aide Agency staff, and a few amazing volunteers that include Pocahontas Community Hospital staff have put in countless hours to plan and facilitate this COVID-19 vaccine response. I’m grateful for their dedication and so proud of their teamwork. Our agency has continued to provide great homecare in Pocahontas County and balancing our normal duties in addition to all the vaccinations administered throughout the entire pandemic. Thank you to those who have supported our efforts at Pocahontas County Health Department.


Please feel free to call our office with any questions.

Anne Thompson, Administrator

About the Department

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Health Department shall be to prevent disease, promote rehabilitation, and provide health education.

Department Duties & Services
  • Child, Adolescent and Adult Immunizations
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program
  • Communicable disease teaching and follow up
  • Community education on health related topics and prevention
  • Emergency preparedness planning & prevention
  • Response to disasters & assist in recovery
  • Disease prevention, surveillance & follow-up
  • Senior Health - visit Home Care Aide Agency for more information
  • Disease surveillance & follow-up
  • Tobacco Prevention
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention Education
Pocahontas County Board of Health

The Pocahontas County Board of Health supports local public health vision, mission, and advocacy and encourage community involvement in setting public health priorities.

Current Board Members:

  • Donna Stall
  • Connie Harmon
  • Joe Kramer
  • Kyle Smith
  • Dr. Ted George

Duties of the Board of Health

  1. Appoint a qualified Administrator; administrative and supervisory functions shall not be delegated to another Agency or organization.
  2. Adopt and periodically review the Agency’s policies governing operations of the Health Department.
  3. Oversee the management and fiscal affairs of the Agency. This shall include participation in preparing the annual operating budget and capital expenditure plan with final approval granted.
  4. Meet regularly as needed to conduct business, and when called by Chairperson they will conduct meetings in accordance with State of Iowa open meeting law.
  5. Establish a fee schedule for the service by the Health Department according to the cost of provision of said service. A sliding fee scale will be adopted considering income and family size.