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Prime (1st) doses administered: 711 (900 received plus another 100 allocated 2/23)

65 & older (422), Pocahontas Area/Catholic/AEA (97), Laurens-Marathon School (27), Kid’s Korner Daycare in Laurens (2), Pocahontas Community Hospital, Unity Point clinics in Pocahontas and Laurens, other healthcare workers, local EMS, fire, police and sheriff’s department(163)

Boost (2nd) doses administered: 143 (600 received plus another 100 allocated last week – shipping delays)


Upcoming vaccination schedule:

February 25 – 10 boost (2nd) doses scheduled at our office (Phase 1A)

February 26th – 200 prime (1st) doses for 65 & older by appointment only at the Expo Center

March 5th – Laurens-Marathon boost (2nd) doses in the afternoon and we have the Expo Center reserved in anticipation of more vaccine being allocated to vaccinate in the morning.

March 8th – 200 boost (2nd) doses at the Expo Center from February 8th  

March 12th – Pocahontas Area/Catholic/AEA boost (2nd) doses in the afternoon and we have the Assembly Room reserved in anticipation of more vaccine being allocated to vaccinate in the morning.

March 19th – 200 boost (2nd) doses in the Assembly Room from February 19th

March 26th – 200 boost (2nd) doses in the Assembly Room from February 26th 


Our office has a waiting list of almost 1000 for anyone that is 65 & older and can call our office to sign-up. If anyone else feels that they qualify for a vaccine, they can call our office with any questions. Again, according to IDPH individuals outlined in ACIP and State of Iowa priority groups may receive the COVID-19 vaccine regardless of permanent place of residence (county or state).

For the remaining priority populations in Phase 1B that IDPH has identified, we will continue to work directly with those groups to arrange vaccinations as soon as the vaccine is available. We are required to follow the guidance set forth from Iowa Department of Public Health, the ACIP and the CDC for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in Pocahontas County. Once we are aware of the amount of vaccines allocated to our county, we continue to schedule appointments and schedule vaccination clinics. We are working as fast as we can and it's going to take time because the vaccine itself is in very short supply.

Please remember that our state is in a current vaccine shortage and we do not know WHEN the next doses will arrive and HOW MANY will arrive. When the vaccine is allotted to PCHD, we will continue to provide accurate and updated information via local media, like newspapers and radio, our Pocahontas County website, or you can follow “Public Health of Pocahontas, Iowa” on Facebook.

Anne Thompson, Administrator

About the Department

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Health Department shall be to prevent disease, promote rehabilitation, and provide health education.

Department Duties & Services
  • Child, Adolescent and Adult Immunizations
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program
  • Communicable disease teaching and follow up
  • Community education on health related topics and prevention
  • Emergency preparedness planning & prevention
  • Response to disasters & assist in recovery
  • Disease prevention, surveillance & follow-up
  • Senior Health - visit Home Care Aide Agency for more information
  • Disease surveillance & follow-up
  • Tobacco Prevention
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention Education
Pocahontas County Board of Health

The Pocahontas County Board of Health supports local public health vision, mission, and advocacy and encourage community involvement in setting public health priorities.

Current Board Members:

  • Donna Stall
  • Connie Harmon
  • Joe Kramer
  • Kyle Smith
  • Dr. Ted George

Duties of the Board of Health

  1. Appoint a qualified Administrator; administrative and supervisory functions shall not be delegated to another Agency or organization.
  2. Adopt and periodically review the Agency’s policies governing operations of the Health Department.
  3. Oversee the management and fiscal affairs of the Agency. This shall include participation in preparing the annual operating budget and capital expenditure plan with final approval granted.
  4. Meet regularly as needed to conduct business, and when called by Chairperson they will conduct meetings in accordance with State of Iowa open meeting law.
  5. Establish a fee schedule for the service by the Health Department according to the cost of provision of said service. A sliding fee scale will be adopted considering income and family size.