Townships are a subdivision of governmental units consistent across counties throughout Iowa. In Pocahontas County, each township is six miles wide by six miles tall. Each township is further subdivided into 36 sections, which are each equal to one square mile. Swan Lake Township lies in the county’s northwest corner, with Cummins, Powhatan, and Des Moines townships running east. Similarly, Marshall, Sherman, Roosevelt, and Garfield make up the next tier to the south. Dover, Grant, Lincoln, and Lake Townships comprise the third tier west to east, while Cedar, Colfax, Bellville, and Lizard Townships from the southern boundary. Additionally, there is one small township, Center, which is comprised of the majority of the City of Pocahontas proper. Each township, with the exception of Center, is overseen by a clerk and three trustees.

A common feature among townships is a historical cemetery. A popular attraction for local history aficionados and people tracking down the roots of their family’s tree, below you can find pictures and detailed instructions on how to find each of the county’s 25 cemeteries.

For more information on how to track down your family’s history in Pocahontas County, please visit the Pocahontas County Genealogical Society’s webpage.