Pocahontas County Labor Pool

Pocahontas County is ideally suited to draw from a sizable regional pool of potential employees. With clean communities, safe streets, and excellent schools the necessary requirements are all here for your new business to grow and succeed.

Pocahontas County Laborshed

Pocahontas County is situatied within the laborsheds of several larger communities, including Fort Dodge, Spencer, Algona, Carroll, and Cherokee. Additionally, communities within these laborsheds, such as Storm Lake, Humboldt, and Emmetsburg also lie within these laborsheds and add to the potential labor pool. Because of our close proximity to each of these larger markets, employers have a much broader pool of potential employees to bring to Pocahontas County.

The importance of the larger laborsheds which surround Pocahontas County should not be overlooked. Many area residents who are currently employed in Pocahontas County commute in from communities within a 50-mile radius. Your business can capitalize upon our close proximity to these communities to hire skilled, educated employees.

As you can see, Pocahontas County's residents are well-educated and with skill sets that are perfectly tailored to allow your new business to flourish.  However, a recent study of the region's laborshed showed that over 25% of residents currently employed would be willing to change careers if presented with the right opportunity. Can your new business utilize Pocahontas County's potential?

For the complete results of the Laborshed study, please click here.