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Planting Bare Root Trees & Shrubs 

1.      Plant when dormant

2.       Soak roots in water as you prepare the hole

3.       Dig adequate size hole

4.       Spread the roots evenly

5.       Backfill with the original soil

6.       Water

7.       Complete backfilling

8.       Mulch


Planting Container-Grown Trees & Shrubs 

1.       Dig adequate hole

2.       Remove plant from container

3.       Root prune – rough up root mass

4.       Backfill with original soil

5.       Water

6.       Complete backfilling

7.       Mulch


Bare root plants are dug in the fall, placed in cold, moist storage for the winter, and sold in spring. Bare root stock should be planted as soon as possible.  Do not allow the roots to dry out. Container-grown plants are grown in lightweight soil mixes and can be planted almost any time.Container sizes include l gallon, 2 gallon and 5 gallon.  

PCCB recommends “sweating” the following bare root varieties:
River Birch, Ornamental Pear, Hackberry, Redbud, Oak “Sweating” is a simple process required to break dormancy.  

  • The plants should be laid down in a building and covered with wet packing material and a sheet of plastic. 
  • The plants must remain moist and temperatures should range between 45 and 70 degrees. 
  • When the buds begin to swell, the plants are ready to plant. 
  • The key to success is warm, humid conditions after sweating. 

Tree & Shrub Grades 


Young plant grown from seed


Plant that has been moved or replanted


Unbranched tree; top has one year’s growth

Light Branched

Well-balanced branching with short branches or unbalanced branching;  needs proper pruning


Balanced branching habit and straight central leader; top has two year’s growth


Root and top pruned; compact, tighter head and fibrous root system; suffers less transplant shock

Caliper inch

Diameter of a tree measured at a point 6 inches above the ground line


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