Clerk of Court F.A.Q.

"Can I get an extension to pay my fine?"

The Clerk of Court is not able to directly grant an extension, you must make the request to the Magistrate.


When is my court appearance?”

Please call our office at 712-335-4208


How can I obtain an extension on my court appearance?”

Please call our office at 712-335-4208. We will direct you to the Magistrate or County Attorney for an extension of time depending on what stage their case is in.


How can I receive my money now that I have obtained a judgment against someone?”

Just because a plaintiff gets a judgment doesn't mean they will get their money.  It is up to the plaintiff to have an execution issued where wages can be garnished, bank accounts may be levied against, or personal property can be levied against.  There is a $25 fee to have an execution issued.

“How can I receive a valuation for a piece of land?”

It is possible to obtain a valuation from the Clerk's office if a parcel of land was probated, but we prefer the individuals come in and do their own leg work or ask the Pocahontas County Genalogical Society to do the research for them.  We just don't have ample resources to do searching for individuals given our limited staff.  The Pocahontas County Assessor’s office (link to Assessor’s dept.) can provide an assessed valuation or they use a historical land value website maintained through the Iowa State University Extension service.