Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors serves as the county’s top governing body. The board’s five members are elected from Supervisor Districts that are proportionate to the county’s population. Each district is redrawn following the completion of the decennial census. Each member serves a four-year term. Click here for more information on the Townships of Pocahontas County.

Among the duties performed by the Board of Supervisors:

  • Approves bonds of county officials.
  • Approves reports of county officials.
  • Establishes and vacates public highways.
  • Levies taxes to raise revenues for county purposes.
  • Allows claims against the county and orders same paid.
  • Fills vacancies in county offices, except members of its own body.
  • Constitutes a drainage board of the various districts of the county.
  • Allows or disallows homestead credit claims and military exemptions.
  • Approves cigarette, beer and liquor applications for permits outside cities.
  • Refunds taxes on property erroneously assessed.

Pocahontas County Board of Supervisors

Photo caption: The Pocahontas County Board of Supervisors (l-r): Louis Stauter - District 5,
JoAnn Peters – District 4, Jeff Ives – District 1, Clarence Siepker – District 2, and Ed Dewey – District 3.

 Jeff Ives represents District 1, which includes all of Cummins, Powhatan, and Des Moines Townships, portions of Sherman, Roosevelt, and Garfield Townships and the communities of Havelock, Plover, and Rolfe.
 Clarence Siepker represents District 2, which includes all of Swan Lake Township, portions of Marshall and Sherman Townships and the community of Laurens.
Ed Dewey represents Disctric 3, which includes Center Township and the community of Pocahontas. Dewey, who is employed by Martin Marietta Materials in Gilmore City, has served on the Board of Supervisors since 2008.
 JoAnn Peters represents District 4, which includes all of Bellville, Lincoln, Lake, and Lizard Townships, portions of Roosevelt and Garfield Townships, and the communities of Palmer and Gilmore City.
 Louis Stauter represents District 5, which includes all of Cedar, Dover, Grant, and Colfax Townships, portions of Marshall and Sherman Townships, and the communities of Fonda and Varina. Stauter, a farmer from rural Fonda, has served on the Board of Supervisors since 2008.